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Trace, 2015

A part-improvised, group-vocal acoustic performance work for the Edinburgh Art Festival, created within and in response to the vast, neo-classical ‘Adam Dome’ of H.M. General Register House – the eighteenth century, custom-built repository of Scottish public records, past and present.

Listen to audio clips of the performance.





Deb Marshall Kairos II 2015Kairos II, 2015

Installation with antique cast of Venus Marina and four channel sound in the Sculpture Court of the Royal Scottish Academy.

This work returns a single cast from the Sculpture Court of Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), to the Royal Scottish Academy (RSA). It is an action that references the origin of the cast collection at ECA that, up until 1908, belonged to and was displayed at the RSA. Surrounding the Venus Marina are four speakers through which a four channel recording plays. This is a part-improvised, durational polyphonic performance of an excerpt from Purcell’s ‘Dido’s Lament’, scored and sung in reverse in the Sculpture Court of ECA. Vocal performers: Rhubaba Choir.

Awarded the Royal Scottish Academy Art Prize & Macleane Watters Medal, 2015

Listen to the sound.


Kairos I, 2015

Sound installation in the portico of the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.

Ceiling-mounted stereo speakers emitting sounds of a passing thunderstorm merging with real-time ambient street noise.

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Casting in retrograde 2014 Deb Marshall

Casting in Retrograde – a diptych, 2014

Sound installation in the casting room of Edinburgh College of Art with found objects including plaster casts, moulds and traditional casting materials.

The sound, an excerpt from ‘Dido’s Lament’, is scored and sung in reverse as a six-part canon in Edinburgh College of Art’s vast and resonant sculpture court and played back in the diminutive space of the casting room. A live performance of the vocal work in the sculpture court completes the diptych. Vocal performers: Rhubaba choir.

Listen to installation in the casting room

Resonance I 2014 Deb MarshallResonance I, 2014

A part-improvised durational vocalisation, with 14 performers dispersed among the audience, in which each performer selected a sustained note to augment and complement the combined sound made by the other performers.

Duration: 6’ 33”

Listen to audio recording of performance

Sleeper II 2014 Deb MarshallSleeper II, 2014

rope, straw, wooden chair, audio of quiet breathing

Donkey's BreakfastDonkey’s Breakfast, 2014

rope, straw, concrete and audio of quiet breathing

Emptywhite box with strawStrawStraw II, 2013

straw, film projection (silent) of human facial skin in close-up

Rock II 2011 Deb MarshallRock II, 2011

basalt rock, plaster, audio of quiet water drip